Saturday, February 22, 2014

Game Night: Telestrations

This week at the Weeklies we had our first ever game night! 
We played the hilariously fun game Telestrations.

Everyone had a great time and we had some really good results. 
Such as "Mad Scientist" becoming "Cube Hoedown" 
and "Wine Country" becoming "Coffin Dinner".

There will be more game nights in the future,
so keep a look out for our monthly schedules.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scribble Contest Week 5: Scribbles


Below are the next scribbles!
Scribble 1
 Scribble 2
Scribble 3
You will pick one of these three scribbles and
create a sketch based off of it!
Take a look at Cup O' Doodle if you'd like some examples.

For this week, you will have until
Saturday, March 1st
to submit your sketch.

Please email your sketch to with:
your name, a link to your art blog, and which scribble you used.

Good luck and keep drawing!